Day 171 – Isle de Sol – Lake Titicaca

Nobbies take the first ferry from Copacabana (well a tiny boat with far too many fumes), 2 hours across Lake Titicaca to Isle de Sol. Inca legends state this is is the birthplace of the sun. Ruins and the inca table are at the south of the island and we walked along the ridge for 3 hours at altitudes of 4000m to the north. Such a rocky and harsh terrain with incredible views across the lake in all directions, even small forests of eucalyptus trees. No cars or paved roads and donkeys are the main vehicle here. Truly a step back in time where strong beliefs and traditional farming methods still exist. We stay the night and witness a spectacular super moon over the lake. Slightly cold at it -4c overnight with no heating! Getting used to sleeping in 4 layers & beanies!

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