Future Plans

To see where we’ve been so far, visit the location history page.

Where will we go next? Well we aren’t really making any firm plans beyond the next week. We do have some very broad ideas of where we want to go, but they are subject to extreme change on a whim.

Here’s our best attempt at mapping out time spent at the country level over the next few months.

Chile5 January 201349
Argentina23 February 201341
Brazil5 April 201331
Northern Argentina6 May 201317
Northern Chile23 May 20135
Bolivia28 May 201328
Peru25 June 201342
Ecuador6 August 201328
Colombia3 September 201324
USA27 September 201349
Central America15 November 201335
Mexico20 December 201336
USA (LA)25 January 20145
Western Canada30 January 201415
UK14 February 201416
Sydney2 March 2014

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