We’re back!

Hi everyone … Our trip is over for now, and we’re going to put the camera down for a while as we move back into our house and ease back into a life more ordinary.

We have started putting all of Michelle’s facebook “Photo of the day” posts up on the blog so those of you who aren’t on facebook can take a look. You can browse through them here. They should all be up in the next few days.

In addition we do still hope to post the rest of our photo albums when we get time.

Thanks everyone for your support along the way, and hope to see you all again soon!

Ben & Michelle
The Nomadic Nobbies no more (for now)

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2 Responses to We’re back!

  1. Petrea Barker says:

    Good to know you are home, safe and sound but getting bored already without my daily “Nobbies” fix. I so appreciate the sharing and the chance to have seen so much of your adventures. Please know your efforts have made given a lot of pleasure to those in this house. XX

  2. Alan Cherrington says:

    Well done Nobbies. Glad to see you made it through your magnificent adventure in good health and with a share of minor but no major mishaps. We have been spellbound by your written and photographic account of the entire trip. Barbara will be able to turn Skype off now and go to bed at night. Looking forward to a “catch up” we now live in Fairy Meadow about 3 minutes drive to Carters Lane.

    Regards Old Cherros

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