Day 424 – Nobbies are home!!!!

Touchdown!! Hellooooo Sydney. A very happy reunion with mum and dad and our good friend Jussie at the airport. Being a work day we slipped back into the country quietly. This is my last travel post on what seems to have been a daily journal entry of our travels similar to that of Captain Janeway on the StarTrek Voyager …”Captain’s log star date 3.3.2014 The Nobbies Enterprise has returned home” With over 60,000 photos taken between Ben and I over 14 months I hope the FB daily journals have been a small insight to what we have experienced. Thanks for riding along with us and apologies for the overload of news feeds at times trying to play catch up. As much as I have enjoyed the daily documenting of our trip I must admit I am looking forward to a bit of a break from the camera. We will endeavour to put our best photos up on our blog in due course. Jet lag is setting in so time for a long rest for a couple of days, move back into our house, head to Adelaide next week to see the Noblet family then……get a job!

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  1. Patricia says:

    Welcome home Michelle and Ben, what a journey you have had. Look forward to seeing you the in the future when you have settled back and come back to reality. All the best Patricia.

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