Day 422 – Nobbies last day

It’s a very surreal time packing up our backpacks for the last time on this trip. Our flight is at 8.30pm and have the afternoon spending quality time with family. Time to say more goodbyes and more tears. I think tears knowing this is the end of our incredible journey. We haven’t had a lot of time to think lately about our life back in Australia and how 14 months of backpacking around South, Central and North Americas hasn’t changed us but has certainly changed our outlook to life. We have experienced so much, stepped out of our comfort zones in and challenged ourselves, met fantastic people along the way, have travelled to 21 countries, crossed 11 land borders, sailed on 23 boats, flown on a plane 25 times and can’t begin to count the number of buses we have been on or the amount of hostel beds we have slept in. Thank you to everyone we have met on our travels and for our family and friends for keeping in touch making us feel not so far away. Thanks also to our family and friends who have looked after us this last month in Canada and the UK. The Nomadic Nobbies on our way home……

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