Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad) to all!

Christmas greetings from Caye Caulker, Belize. We are settled here for a week after finishing our trip in South America, the United States and a quick whiz through Central America. Apologies for not keeping the blog up to date, but we do plan to finish it one day when we stop moving for a while.

What a year it has been … we’ve visited places we never would have imagined, and done things we never would have dreamed of. Below is our Christmas video to you that shows just a little bit of what we’ve been up to.

To our families, old friends, and new friends we’ve met along the way : We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your wonderful support, communications and humour during our travels. It has helped us not feel so homesick. For those in Australia & New Zealand you will just be opening up your Xmas pressies now. As I write this it is still midday Christmas Eve here…so time to go find a lobster to grill and sit under a coconut tree for tomorrow.

For those in Australia, see you in March!

Love and hugs,
Ben & Michelle

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13 Responses to Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad) to all!

  1. Barbara says:

    Merry Christmas the video is just brilliant missing you both much love

  2. Josie says:

    Beautiful. oooh I’ve got goosebumps…. wonderful. Love to you both from Sunny Napier.xx

  3. Chris and Christine says:

    Feliz Navidad to Michelle and Ben – what an amazing video!
    Looks like you have had some incredible experiences.
    Are you going to get to Tegucigalpa?
    Just managing to hook back up again after Internet Explorer issues!
    Hope we haven’t missed much!

    Love from the Boyds
    Go Swans! Buddy Franklin is playing for them next year.

  4. Helen DG says:

    Wonderful! Love the music – Ma would approve.

    Buon Natale to you both, with love from the De Gregorio’s xox

  5. Patricia says:

    Hi Michelle and Ben, thank your for the video, you certainly seem to be have a wonderful time. Have a lovely christmas and a very happy new year. All the best Trish

  6. Dom says:

    Wow, truly awesome. We are living vicariously through you two, and I can’t believe how many fantastic places we went to in the past 12 months 😉

    Miss you guys heaps, JDL.

  7. Susan says:

    Happy Christmas Michelle and Ben. The video is inspirational with so many beautiful locations and you look like you’re having such fun. Happy (continuing) travels. Susan xx.

  8. Kelly says:

    Merry Christmas and a brilliant video, it looks like so much fun travelling around the world. Thanks so much for your time to share with us to know about your amazing articles, photos and videos for over the year.

    I hope you had a really great time and a happy new year 🙂 :p (from James)

    Enjoying the festive season.

    Love Kelly, Daniel and James xxx

  9. Patricia and Steve says:

    Wonderfully creative video. We loved every moment of it. Have a fabulous New year and so looking forward to seeing you in 2014. Love from P & S

  10. Hello Michelle & Ben says:

    Well what a year you have both have had
    Wow the places you have been and people you have met will stay with you for a life time.
    What amazing video. I think when you get back you can go into video making.
    Hope you found a lobster for xmas lunch.
    We all miss you both at the Pleaces family feast at mum and dads.
    We all miss you both but we are also very jealous of what you guys are doing, a dream to most but you guys have gone out and lived our dreams
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
    Stay safe
    Lots of love
    Shaun, Michelle, Joshua, Lilly and Charlotte

  11. katrina cashman says:

    Hi Guys,
    That is so great we all enjoyed looking at this together – what an incredible adventure you are having and you both look so well and happy. Co-oincidentally Ruben and Max were pretending they had received extra xmas presents in the post tonight and guess who they were from, Den and Messhel! (Maxi’s handwriting). We are all really looking forward to seeing you soon! Gotta love those lobsters on Caye Caulker!
    Lots of Love Kate, Vaughan Maxwell and Ruben

  12. Maerin says:

    I just watched this with Mum…..awe its Brilliant,shed a tear and look forward to when your here…but WOW!!! what an amazing journey…xx

  13. Beth and Jill says:

    What a spectacular greetings from you both .We are inspired,What an amazing trip and you too just look as if ou are having great trip.
    We are just back from Kerala in south India and had wonderful time too ..
    So excited to catch up very soon and hear all your stories.
    Lots Love

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