Day 267 – Goodbye South America

Nobbies cannot believe that we have taken 267 days to travel around South America and that this is our last day here. It certainly has been an adventure and will miss it alot. We finally get to see some interesting graffiti which is encouraged here in Bogota on the way to the airport. Brand new Bogota airport and our flight to LA is on a budget airline Spirit which makes Jetstar look like business class. Cattle class for the next 8 hours via Fort Lauderdale. Culture shock arriving in the States and are faced with ridiculous lengthy queues in customs with 3 planes landing at the same time & only 2 officers processing everyone. We just make our connecting flight to LA in the nick of time only after facing another long line up for full body scans. Welcome to the States, the land of over zealous tight security! Ben argues with security wanting his metal water container back which was confiscated for having a mouthful of water and they wouldn’t let him drink it. Missing South America already and the bus travel. Land in LA at midnight and are greeted by the airport shuttle driver “that’s what I like to see some back packers” and we don’t care looking like hobos with dirty packs checking into a 5 star airport hotel for $90. I get to enjoy the best hot shower for months and get to sit on a toilet with a toilet seat…ahh the simple things in life

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