Day 264 – The long & windy road

Sad to pack our backpacks and head to the big city of Bogata. Our final destination in South America. Up early to catch a bus from Salento to Armenia then a connecting direct bus to Bogata. It is only a 280km trip but the terrain we cross is 8 hours of dramatic and spectacular scenery climbing from 1500m to 3200m over a pass and then winding the next 5 hours down to 2500m of endless green valleys and more green canyons without seeing the horizon and no straight road in sight. The bus is a touch of luxury with wifi and our own entertainment screen including a power point under the seat to charge our iPhones. Though it is advised not to use an iron or a hair dryer on the bus! Have not ironed for 9 months and have no intention to iron on a bus! The road is part of the Pan Pacific Highway which is undergoing a huge construction of bridges connecting the valleys. We notice also a large presence of army and police along this stretch of road and we get a police escort through a small part of the journey. Bus terminals here are on the outer suburbs of the city that we taxi into the old town of Bogata and realise it is not attractive, filled with graffiti and has an air of dodginess. Missing Salento already.

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