Day 261 – Coffee finca de Don Elias

The joys of travelling is bumping into other travellers we have met along the way in previous places and this small town is a small world. Today we head up to a coffee finca (farm) by a willy jeep not far from Salento with Antonia and Pierre from our hostal. Don Elias is a small organic coffee plantation. We are fortunate to get an intimate tour with Don Elias himself. A genial, lovely man who is now in his 80’s and speaks Spanish slow enough for us to comprehend. He walks us through his property with such pride and demonstrates the process of coffee bean to cup from harvesting to removing the first & second layers of the beans, drying, roasting and grinding. His methods are simple with rustic machinery he has used for decades. The result a darn good freshly roasted over a wood stove cup of coffee. An authentic Colombian experience. The day is stunning and we walk back to town on a dusty road past other coffee fincas in the valleys taking in the beauty of this region. Muy tranquilo.

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