Day 260 – En route to Salento by bus

Time for the Nobbies to travel to Colombia’s coffee zone. Our first long bus trip since crossing the Peru/Ecuador border we head out of Medellin by bus 6 hours south to Salento, a tranquil small town in the heart of the coffee region. The bus driver hands out sick bags for the long winding journey ahead but the views distract us and we are used to such journeys after 9 months of buses. Gorgeous lush green countryside as we ride over high ridges with valleys on either side with coffee farms as far as the eye can see. In the lower valleys there are basic truck washing bays lined using the water from a hose pumped from the river. The cleanest and shiniest trucks in Colombia. Salento is our favourite small town so far, Colombian cowboys walking their horses down the street, Willy jeeps in the plaza and church bells ringing in the distance with perfect climate.

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