Day 259 – Day trip to Guatape

Nobbies take a day trip 2 hours north of Medellin to Guatape on a local bus. First we climb La Piedra rock via 675 stairs up the side. A few huffs and puffs but rewarding with spectacular views from the top overlooking the lake and the hills. There are 3 shops at the top blaring different Reggaton music at full blast. Colombians love their Reggaton and now becoming accustomed to Colombians and tranquil places equals loud music of all kinds but all competing who can play their music the loudest. Head into Guatape in a brightly painted tuk tuk that matches the rest of the quaint town known for its vibrant, colourful houses. Each house has a different style of fresco paintings on the bottom half of the building. Would have loved to stay overnight but not enough time to do everything.

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