Day 258 – Real city tour in Medellin

With so much history and past armed conflict in Medellin we book a walking tour of the city with local Colombian called Pablo. A passionate guy who loves his city and grew up during the reign of the drug cartel. The city itself does not have many historic buildings left but Pablo shows our group interesting parts of the old centre with stories of pain and suffering of the past. Medellin public spaces where people once lived in fear of bombing and high crime from the drug cartel are now replaced with sculptures and art depicting freedom and a new beginning for the people. Famous artist Botero donated many bronze sculptures to initiate an art culture in the city. It is the only city in Colombia with a metro train, something in which the local residents are incredibly proud of. It is also the only city to provide a metro cable car to the favelas in the hills to give equal opportunity providing transport to schools and work. Along with perfect spring weather everyday many Colombians are returning to live here

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