Day 255 – Last day of the Lost City trek

The last day was a long one, covering two thirds of the walk back along the same track over 7 hours. We had thought it would be mostly downhill as it seemed mostly uphill on the way in, however this was just a trick of our memory (or perhaps a rip in the space-time continuum). We set a cracking pace, as after the excitement of the previous day we were all looking forward to returning to civilisation. Gradually the scenery changed from dense jungle to rolling hills, and we reached the trail head at the small town of Machete for a late lunch. The 2 hour trip back to Santa Marta with 11 of us crammed into a Land Cruiser was pretty uncomfortable. It had been a difficult 4 days covered in sweat & mud but immensely satisfying and we were all very glad to have taken the challenge.

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