Day 254 – Day 3 of the Lost City trek

Our 3rd day in the jungle begins with another early morning as we head through a river crossing to reach the 1200 stairs that lead to the lost city entrance. We excitedly climb the rough, uneven and mossy stairs that are more than 1000 years old, and spend the next few hours exploring the ancient ruins. All that is left are the round platforms that used to contain houses and other buildings. Some have been cleared and restored more than others, however it still feels very much like we have discovered something. Machu Picchu may be more physically impressive, but the fact that we only see 2 soldiers and a small family of Kogi villagers on the site really makes this memorable and well worth the effort of the last 3 days. On the way back, we stop at the Fountain of Youth to clean off another layer of sweat.

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