Day 252 – Day 1 of the Lost City trek

I have long wanted to visit Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), ancient home of the Tairona people which was rediscovered in the 1970’s in the mountainous jungle near Santa Marta, Colombia. However the only way to get there is a gruelling 4-6 day trek through the steamy jungle on steep muddy tracks and with numerous wet river crossings. After much consideration Michelle decided to give this trek a miss and stayed in Santa Marta while I set off with a group of 12 in an open jeep for the next 2 hours through back country rugged terrain to take us to the start of the trail. The 4 hours of gut busting hills were rewarded with some spectacular views of the jungle covered mountains, much different to the Andes trekking we had done before. It was incredibly hot and sweaty, but regular opportunities to swim in the cool river provided much welcome refreshment. Bed for this night was a hammock under a tin roof, the mosquito net keeping away the army of insects.

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