Day 223 – Las Tortugas, Santa Cruz

Back in Santa Cruz for the day and bid farewell to our 6 boat buddies who were on the first leg and welcome another 6 newcomers for the remaining week. Today is Tortugas (tortoise) day. Visit the Charles Darwin Research centre where Lonesome George (the last surviving giant tortoise species of Pinta Island) resided. Sadly died last year a confirmed bachelor and now his 2 mistresses who failed to seduce him live in his casa. Fantastic conservation centre to revive the tortoise population on the islands. In the afternoon sight many other giant tortoises in the wild, most over 100 years old, taking life at a very slow pace in and visit lava tubes in the highlands. One really does not need 100 photos of tortoises!! However after careful observation I have come to the conclusion that Stephen Spielberg production must have created ET from these species.

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