Day 140 – Crossing the Andes to Chile

Given our blog is called ‘Across the Andes by blog’ we have gone around them and travelled on the side of them but on this day Nobbies finally cross them!! The Paseo Sico from Purmamarca, Argentina to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. One of the world’s most spectacular road trip normally a 7 hours. Incredible diverse landscape from desert to salt plains to wide snowflats surrounded by the top of volcanoes. However, we were stuck at 4,800m (15,700 feet) at the highest point of the pass for 3 hours with outside temps of -15C unable to get around a truck who had slipped off the road. With only 50km to get to our destination the bus finally gets through and Nobbies are relieved to finally get into Chile to have a hot shower and aspirin for my blinding high altitude headache.

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