Day 122 – Expect the unexpected

Not everyday is perfect in paradise. Today’s mission – fly from Rio to Salta, Argentina via Buenos Aires. Flight departs 10.30am. Nobbies wake up to a howling storm. No taxis to be found. Landlines are down so can’t book a taxi. $900 airfares are at stake. Now a race against the clock to get to airport in peak hour 30km away. But how? Absolutely drenched roaming the streets with horizontal rain and gusty winds. Feels like we are in that tv show The Amazing Race. Find bus stop for local bus to airport. It’s 8am but still 1.5hr journey to go. A miracle we make it to the airport. High fives all round. 9 hour journey ahead and no time to change clothes. Get to gate only to find flight is delayed!!! Expect the unexpected. So from the Brazilian beaches to the Andes mountains we are back in Argentina eating empanadas and staying dry

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