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Greetings from Ecuador!

Our days of travelling are moving faster than the hours spare to update our blogs. We have not been so fortunate to have access to fast internet through Peru and Bolivia for large photo gallery uploads. However, in the meantime I have been keeping a daily post on Facebook and we are now up to Day 230. I know hard to believe.

We have created an additional page on our blog called ‘Photo of the Day’ so I can also post a photo daily journal here. We won’t inundate you with notifications each time I post to this section so for those that don’t have access to Facebook, feel free to check out this page to see what we have been up to. I will try to update most days.

We are both well and have just finished an amazing two weeks in the Galapagos Islands. Was a difficult task to condense a daily summary from a few thousand photos but until we catch up on our blogs I hope the “Photo of the day’ post will give you a brief summary of our travel experiences to date especially the last fortnight.

To enlighten you on the rest of our plans we actually have a firm itinerary in place. Most unusual for us after seven months of flexibility. We will spend the rest of this month in Ecuador, then September in Colombia and we have just booked flights from Colombia to Los Angeles on 26 September. Nobbies have decided to rest the backs and have a change in travel style by renting a campervan and camp around the wild west of USA for a month. From there we will head to the east coast before the cold winter weather sets in and then head back down to the warmth of Panama continuing our travels up through Central America ending in Mexico.

Canada and London will be our final destinations and then home…yes Nobbies will be back on Aussie shores around the first week of March 2014!!

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2 Responses to Photo of the day

  1. Petrea Barker says:

    Good to get a forward plan of where “we ” are going.!!!!! Loved the last few daily posts. The wildlife has been amazing. Keep well and safe both of you. Love from Me and”Him”.
    The ground movement has slowed down here quite a bit but the nerves are still a bit ragged.But with spring around the corner all is good XXXX

  2. ardun says:

    Great to meet you both and hopefully will bump into you again in Colombia 🙂

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