On your right you’ll see spectacular views of the Andes

Strange at 4am I decide to put pen to paper or these days keyboard to screen and begin to write about my days and thoughts of our year ahead. I am wide awake out of sync with our time zones. Yesterday was my numb day….saying goodbye to my family and a week of saying goodbyes to friends was difficult.  My Cancerian nature is on overload of senses and if I could only have an outpour of crying would have felt much better….instead tears bottled up and leaked all the way on the plane across the Pacific.  Tears of sadness, fears, anxieties, trepidation (especially for me leaving behind my medical security blanket which has given me annual reassurance after my cancer 8 years ago).

All these feelings of a year of travel ahead quickly released to excitement when on our approach to Santiago the captain announced over the PA: “on your right you’ll see spectacular views of the Andes”.  Sure enough this was the word – the Andes, a backbone of snow capped peaks rising so high above the clouds…this was it.  The start of our adventure  – A journey across the andes … and around them … and near them … and far away from them


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2 Responses to On your right you’ll see spectacular views of the Andes

  1. Karen says:

    What a fabulous sight to see to begin your journey!

  2. Brigid & John says:

    Hair looks good for Day 1 ..can’t wait to see “hair du passage” as we called it .keep having fun.

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